VW Golf Rally Car Illustration

Volkswagen Golf Rally Illustration Present

We often get to work with Car Enthusiast, however whats nice is when you get to work with their partners.

Here’s a Volkswagen Golf we illustrated for Laura in Western Australia. She commissioned this illustration of her husband uniques Rally Car as a personalised gift.

We worked closely with Laura to capture all the things which made this car special to her partner. We went through many reference photos and made around 4-5 rounds of revisions to get the car just ‘right’ – and it had to be.

When it comes to car enthusiasts, they see the little things which the average person would not. For example when he received the framed illustration he was blown away with the detail (see quote below) and how we captured the ‘broken part of the car’.

This is what makes it all worth while, working with like minded car people who appreciate the little details.

Laura not only commissioned this Sketch Style illustration, but also an illustration of his old 911 he had, not a bad present – this is a woman who knows her man.


He flew in last night & I was FINALLY able to give them to him & he was just completely blown away!

When he looked at the Porsche he initially thought it was just a picture of a white Porsche & then he started slowly realising “hang on, that’s the same colour as my interior…that’s my Nurburgring sticker…that’s my Porsche!” Haha

He also loved the sketch of his rally car & said you even got the broken something or rather that was hanging underneath the car in there too 😉

I asked him what feedback I should give you & he said “absolutely fucking brilliant job”.

The Porsche with the logo has already been hung & I’m sure it won’t be long before the other two are up

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