Cars Yeah PodCast featuring Steve Schenko of 1-of-1

Cars Yeah Podcast, Cars and Design

How’s this. I get a message from a guy in the US asking me.. me, if i’d like to feature on his PodCast to talk all things Cars and Design.

Now i’m a big fan of listening to Podcasts while i’m driving however i’ve never been on the other end.

It was a pleasure to chat with Mark Greene. He’s a fellow Porsche fan (has a sweet 930 Turbo) and was also in the Design Game, so it was easy to talk all things Cars and Design.

If you’ve got a spare 30mins, have a listen where Mark digs into the business side of

Also check out his other Podcast guests – you’ll love it!

Thanks again Mark for having me on your show!

Take a listen, click here:

621: Steve Schenko


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