Porsche 996 Illustration by 1of1 Automotive Artworks

Porsche 996 Aero Coupe

This Porsche 996 Aero Coupe was custom illustrated for a passionate Porsche owner.
We worked with the owner to capture all the unique items which made this car his. From his club decals in the rear quarter window through to hi personalised plate.


Thank you very much – the artwork is brilliant! – Stella

The Ultimate Unique Corporate Gift

Take a look at this, it’s what we call ‘The Ultimate Unique Corporate Gift’.

We created this 1-off illustration for ENTOURE as a gift for G Brothers Mercedes-Benz, a thank you for their support throughout the year. You see, Entoure has a proud history of managing and hosting cycle events that raise funds for causes people care about and the guys at G Brothers Mercedes-Benz recognised this and supplied Entoure with a Support Vehicle as sponsorship.

When Kent from Entoure contacted us he knew that giving his sponsor a bottle of wine wouldn’t cut the mustard. He wanted something a bit more special, something which builds on the relationship and creates a deeper bond. So he commissioned this illustration of the support vehicle, the very same 2016 Mercedes-Benz with Entoure branding.

We went the extra mile to ensure all the details were correct, from the signage to the THULE bike racks on the roof and hand delivered the framed print to ensure quality.

If you’re looking for a different gift, get in contact – we make corporate gifts easy.

Steve has once again kicked the ball out of the park with the framed illustration! Mark Guberina Co Founder and Owner of G Brothers Mercedes loved the gift. Well done and thanks!.  

– Kent Williams Director Entoure 


911 GT3 RS Illustration for the ultimate Man-Cave

Here’s a future classic – the 2016 Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

I illustrated this beast for a customer’s ultimate Man-Cave.

He wanted all the finer details captured including the writing on the Tyres. The Porsche Crest was featured under the car followed by the model and then the chassis number to really make this custom illustration unique.

Whats cool about this custom illustration is that he’s got it hanging up in his Ultimate Man Cave along with all the other cars he’s got. So soon, he’ll have a collection of custom made one-off prints to go along with his Collection of Porsches.

The ultimate man-cave accessory? I think so!

Have your own car illustrated into art – contact us


Cars Yeah PodCast featuring Steve Schenko of 1-of-1

Cars Yeah Podcast, Cars and Design

How’s this. I get a message from a guy in the US asking me.. me, if i’d like to feature on his PodCast to talk all things Cars and Design.

Now i’m a big fan of listening to Podcasts while i’m driving however i’ve never been on the other end.

It was a pleasure to chat with Mark Greene. He’s a fellow Porsche fan (has a sweet 930 Turbo) and was also in the Design Game, so it was easy to talk all things Cars and Design.

If you’ve got a spare 30mins, have a listen where Mark digs into the business side of 1-of-1.com.au

Also check out his other Podcast guests – you’ll love it!

Thanks again Mark for having me on your show!

Take a listen, click here:

621: Steve Schenko


Porsche Wheel Illustration Sport Techno - Custom Made Illustration

Custom Illustration of a wheel

Recently I was contacted form a guy in the USA.

After seeing a close up shot of a Porsche wheel (work in progress) I posted on the 1-of-1 Instagram page, a guy contacted me to see if I could illustrate his Carrera 4S wheel! Confused, I asked “the entire car or just the wheel?”… “no just the wheel thanks” he replied.

So here’s the Custom Illustration of a Porsche Sport Techno Twist wheel!

It’s a unique piece of art for his Man-Cave.

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Competition Orange Mustang Illustration building dealership loyalty

Building Dealership loyalty with 1-of-1 Custom Illustrations

A point of difference, Dealership loyalty and referrals all in one.

In a world where customers expectations have never been higher and their ability to shop around is even easier, Dealerships need go to the next level to win their customers whilst building loyalty. Dealerships need to offer more, get personal, go the extra mile – and that’s what Sinclair Ford have done.

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Porsche 911 Sketch on a Skateboard Deck

Porsche 911 Sketch from Boardroom to Skateboard

Porsche 911 going from Sketch to Skateboard Deck

When I sketched this sweet Porsche 911T for a great guy in Western Australia, I was spitballing some ideas on getting the 1-of-1 sketch reproduced to T-Shirt.

I thought, hey, I’ve illustrated his car capturing all the little things that make his car ‘his’ (like the stickers in the windows) he’d probably think it would be nice to have it printed on a T-shirt or mug etc yet he had a better idea….

He wanted his custom illustration reproduced on to a Skate Board Deck as wall art, my reply “Hell yeah” what a great idea.

What’s cool about this idea is that the sketch style works well for this application. It suits a skateboard deck and would suit a man cave – or office.

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996 Turbo Wheels Illustrated

A unique gift for a car enthusiast

A unique gift for a passionate Porsche fan.

When you have a partner who’s got virtually everything he wants (for example an awesome girlfriend) but just sold his pride and joy. What do you get him? This was Julia’s situation – but she knows her Man well.

Julia contacted us to illustrate her partners car Porsche 996 Turbo, a personalised gift he’d never expect.

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It’s strange how things happen.

A while ago I spotted a sweet Porsche 964, so I whipped out a 1-OF-1 business card and placed it under the windscreen wiper and posted on 1-OF-1’s Facebook page a ‘call out’ to the owner of the air-cooled beast, hoping we’d get the chance to illustrate the Porsche.

A couple of days later, the owner contacted us. However Nick was after something different, not a rendering of his Porsche but a visualisation of another air-cooled car – a 61 VW Beetle he’s building – “The Blunck Bug”.

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1968 Porsche 911L Photo: Rob_Scheeren_Autofoku

Owning a 1968 PORSCHE 911L

Being designers, we are drawn to simplicity.

Its often what you subtract which makes a design greater and maybe thats why as designers we are drawn to the Porsche 911, a classic shape which has remained true to the original shape for now over 50years. The less is more approach is embodied beautifully by Justin’s 1968 911L.

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1977 A9X Torana

Owning a 1977 HOLDEN TORANA SS A9X

L1977 Toranaast April we raffled off a 1-OF-1 print for charity at the Machines & Macchiato’s meet in Clontarf NSW.

The lucky winner was the owner of this stunning

From a design perspective, for us there’s nothing better to illustrate than a period correct car – and this beast is straight from the 80s!

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1978 FERRARI 512BB

Owning a 1978 FERRARI 512BB

1978 Ferrari 512 BBWhen we create an artwork for a customer we like to find out more about their car, the ownership experience and what make it special. Mark has put pen to paper and shared some insight into owning a 1978 FERRARI 512BB

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Last night i took the 911 out to the Zen Garage EOMM at Eastern Creek. The EOMM (End of month meet) is a gathering of automotive enthusiasts started by blogger Justin Fox.

It all started when these like minded car nuts (mainly JDM) used to meet at various locations through out the city. When they were constantly ‘moved on’ by the police, Justin looked for a better solution. He and Zen Garage came up with the concept of hiring the Eastern Creek Dragway car park so he and his mates plus heaps of others from the forums could meet up and talk cars without being moved on.

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