2012 Carrera 991 Blue Illustration

1-OF-1 Illustration Technique

I’ve been asked a few times how I illustrate my customers cars… the illustration technique has been evolving.

Spoiler alert: It’s all done on the computer…

Firstly i start off with a great reference picture supplied by the customer.

Using this as reference I’ll then head over to Adobe Illustrator to start digitally drawing the car in vector. Yep it’s the hard way but vector illustrations allow you to enlarge the image as big as needed (even to billboard size) without loosing any resolution – plus you can zoom right in and add heaps of detail and that’s exactly what i’m after.

Yet, lately things have changed.

Always looking to improve, i’ve take the illustrations to the next level by adding in free-hand expressiveness.

How? by combining Adobe Illustrator with the iPad Pro. Combining with the Apple Pen i’ve found that you have more of a fluid control over the lines – It opens the door to more freedom whilst keeping it all in Vector.

This all cannot be done without ‘AstroPad‘. AstroPad allows you to mirror whats on your Mac to your iPad Pro.
It’s a great piece of software which you install on your Mac and a App on your iPad, combining the two over WiFi allows you to illustrate from the couch – without being physically connected to your Mac – check it out.

At 1-of-1 the goal is to continually refine and push the illustrations to new levels and there’s nothing better than seeing the customers face as they unwrap their custom illustration featuring their car.






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