Last night i took the 911 out to the Zen Garage EOMM at Eastern Creek. The EOMM (End of month meet) is a gathering of automotive enthusiasts started by blogger Justin Fox.

It all started when these like minded car nuts (mainly JDM) used to meet at various locations through out the city. When they were constantly ‘moved on’ by the police, Justin looked for a better solution. He and Zen Garage came up with the concept of hiring the Eastern Creek Dragway car park so he and his mates plus heaps of others from the forums could meet up and talk cars without being moved on.

Last night there were literally 100’s of cars at the meet. And what’s nice is that they were cars from ranging from Ferrari’s to Corolla’s. Stacks of JDM’s and a heap of 86’s. The interesting thing is that it these guys and girls are into cars but also can have a bit of fun with them and poke fun at them selves. It’s not all immaculate concourse cars, quite the opposite. It’s about bring ‘your‘ pride and joy and showing it off, there’s no judgement, just a good excuse to hang out with your mates on a Thursday night and talk cars.

The car culture is alive and well with the kids in Australia, we just need to think a bit differently about how to make it work – just like Justin and Zen Garage has done.

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