It’s strange how things happen.

A while ago I spotted a sweet Porsche 964, so I whipped out a 1-OF-1 business card and placed it under the windscreen wiper and posted on 1-OF-1’s Facebook page a ‘call out’ to the owner of the air-cooled beast, hoping we’d get the chance to illustrate the Porsche.

A couple of days later, the owner contacted us. However Nick was after something different, not a rendering of his Porsche but a visualisation of another air-cooled car – a 61 VW Beetle he’s building – “The Blunck Bug”.

After lengthy chats and swapping of reference images, we ended up creating a custom blue print and illustration.

The plan is that the guys at The Toy Factory Autos in Sydney (who will be building the car) will use the illustrations as reference. The blue print outlines all of the mods from Porsche 356 wheels to Bullet mirrors, graphics locations etc and it will be used as a tool to help everyone stay on the same page to ensure a smooth build and visualise the dream.

Want to see this Bug come to life?, follow Ian Dyk on vimeo, he’s documenting the build (see video below) – stunning shots.

Big thanks to Nick for contacting us with the opportunity to work on this project (and not hating us for placing spam on his Porsche!)

Can’t wait to see “The Blunck Bug” on the road!



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