Porsche 911 Sketch on a Skateboard Deck

Porsche 911 Sketch from Boardroom to Skateboard

Porsche 911 going from Sketch to Skateboard Deck

When I sketched this sweet Porsche 911T for a great guy in Western Australia, I was spitballing some ideas on getting the 1-of-1 sketch reproduced to T-Shirt.

I thought, hey, I’ve illustrated his car capturing all the little things that make his car ‘his’ (like the stickers in the windows) he’d probably think it would be nice to have it printed on a T-shirt or mug etc yet he had a better idea….

He wanted his custom illustration reproduced on to a Skate Board Deck as wall art, my reply “Hell yeah” what a great idea.

What’s cool about this idea is that the sketch style works well for this application. It suits a skateboard deck and would suit a man cave – or office.

I’m  still sorting out the details, however here’s a mock up of it.

Porsche 911 Sketch on a Skateboard DeckPorsche 911 Sketch on a Skateboard DeckThis is what I like about working with like minded customers. When you work collaboratively you can create some sweet art and this sure is a nice unique way to make a custom illustration even more bespoke.

Custom Illustration = Custom Solutions.
Let me know if you want something unique, i’m more then happy to help.

And if you’d like to see the original framed illustration – check it out here

Cheers, Steve


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