1968 Porsche 911L Photo: Rob_Scheeren_Autofoku

Owning a 1968 PORSCHE 911L

Being designers, we are drawn to simplicity.

Its often what you subtract which makes a design greater and maybe thats why as designers we are drawn to the Porsche 911, a classic shape which has remained true to the original shape for now over 50years. The less is more approach is embodied beautifully by Justin’s 1968 911L.

Justin has owned his Porsche since 1998 and during those years he has only done a couple of tasteful modifications including sport seats with houndstooth inserts, a momo prototipo, a rare abarth exhaust. He looked from the angle of “how would an enthusiast of the early 70’s tastefully improved the car early in the car’s life”


We asked Justin some questions ON THE OWNERSHIP EXPERIENCE:

I have no one favourite part… the car just seems to come together as a whole. I love the design, there is nothing superfluous, everything is there for a reason, and the early cars (particularly the SWB cars like mine) are just so pure. Feminine in some ways, but beautifully functional. I have a favourite view of the car and that is from the rear ¾.

I remember once walking around the corner early one morning prior to an early Porsche run and a sensor light came on. It momentarily took my breath away, and its one of those moments that’s permanently etched in the recorder in my brain… one of those moments you can recall with absolute clarity. I remember bring really happy, thinking that’s my little early 911 you’re looking at Justin.

I really like the colour, Dark Metallic Green (which was hard for us to illustrate as it would throw so many different shades) as well…. So period, and it highlights the chrome so beautifully.




Justin has done about 50,000 miles in the 911. Some of his most memorable drives include the 50th Anniversay rally, a Great Ocean Drive Escape hosted by Porsche Australia with his great late mate Mark Goddard and driving to the Phillip Island Historics an epic drive in the company of real enthusiasts in cars as diverse as 60’s Mustangs, Corvettes, 928’s and 914/6’s.


“I remember my late father wrote somewhere of his 356 (which he had owned since new)…. “After 21 years what a great little car.” Its just so apt, and applies equally to my 911L.”




And his thoughts on the modern 911s;

My car is so pure, tactile and raw, it feels alive. It demands respect. I’ve been lucky enough to drive a few 997’s and GT’3s and a 991 and its immediately apparent the cars are related, but the limits in the new cars are so much higher. Electronics and other things help you get there, but at 9/10ths they still demand respect.

Getting them there is not for mere mortals however!


Big thanks to Justin for sharing his thoughts, passion and photos – it was a pleasure to illustrate.

Also big thanks for sharing the photos taken by Rob Scheeren. Rob is not only a awesome photographer but is a passionate Porsche fan.


To see more stunning Porsche Photography, visit Rob Scheeren’s website –  http://www.robscheeren.com
To view the artwork of this car – click here

– Steve 1-OF-1.com.au


1968 911L by Rob_Scheeren_Autofokus_Porsche_JR_911L_01

1968 911L, Photo by Rob Scheeren Autofokus

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