Illustrating Cars with the apple Pen

Normally we create our artworks in Vector, now we’re also illustrating with the Apple Pen.

With vector artworks we are able to use the artwork in many different sizes without loosing resolution – plus it allows us to create super high detail, however the Apple Pen has opened up new options and a more free illustration style. You see  if you want to create a more sketchy illustrated artwork, vector is not that great. Sure it can be done, but I personally find it very limiting.

After much research, I purchased the iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil and suddenly the option to ‘sketch’ is so much easier.

Sure, I’ve tried the Wacom Tablets and yep they are great, but the flexibility of Sketching on the couch using just the iPad Pro is so much more appealing. And what’s more the Pen is amazing, it just works, feels natural and theres virtually no delay. Now combine that with ProCreateApp and you’ve got yourself a mobile studio.

Now while the missus is watching renovation shows, i’m sketching cars – everyone is happy.

Here’s my first two illustrations (ever) on the iPadPro using Apple Pencil and ProCreate.


If you’re an illustrator and are thinking of forking out the $$ on the iPadPro, send me an email i’ll answer any questions.







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