It’s strange how things happen.

A while ago I spotted a sweet Porsche 964, so I whipped out a 1-OF-1 business card and placed it under the windscreen wiper and posted on 1-OF-1’s Facebook page a ‘call out’ to the owner of the air-cooled beast, hoping we’d get the chance to illustrate the Porsche.

A couple of days later, the owner contacted us. However Nick was after something different, not a rendering of his Porsche but a visualisation of another air-cooled car – a 61 VW Beetle he’s building – “The Blunck Bug”.

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Spotted: Porsche 1600 Super

One of the delights of heading out for a cruise to Pie in the Sky is checking out all of the cars. And it’s not often you spot a one of these, let alone one thats been raced. This was in beautiful condition with a colour that perfect showed off the curves. Unfortunately i couldn’t locate the owner for a chat to dig deeper. Cool car though.