The ultimate Ducati present for a Ducati fanatic

At the start of the year, Claire asked us create a Custom 1-off illustration of her man’s Ducati Monster 1100 Evo – the ultimate custom made present!

We worked with her behind the scenes to make it happen. A few questions, a few sneaky pics of her man’s bike and we’ve created a bespoke illustration of his exact bike – capturing all of the details which makes his bike – his.

We then framed and delivered to make the process easy for Claire.

Did he like it? 

I was thinking he’d put it in the man-cave, but no, it’s taken pride-of-place in the house! He couldn’t believe it was his exact bike – and the signing and dating on the back really make it special, thank you!

Thanks for the feedback Claire!

Let us make your next gift easy.

Wether it be for your partner, boss or to grease a few wheels with a  client – we’ll make sure that you’re giving a Custom gift that they won’t get anywhere else. It’s why we called the business 1-of-1.

Interested? Shoot us an email.

Cars Yeah PodCast featuring Steve Schenko of 1-of-1

Cars Yeah Podcast, Cars and Design

How’s this. I get a message from a guy in the US asking me.. me, if i’d like to feature on his PodCast to talk all things Cars and Design.

Now i’m a big fan of listening to Podcasts while i’m driving however i’ve never been on the other end.

It was a pleasure to chat with Mark Greene. He’s a fellow Porsche fan (has a sweet 930 Turbo) and was also in the Design Game, so it was easy to talk all things Cars and Design.

If you’ve got a spare 30mins, have a listen where Mark digs into the business side of

Also check out his other Podcast guests – you’ll love it!

Thanks again Mark for having me on your show!

Take a listen, click here:

621: Steve Schenko


2012 Carrera 991 Blue Illustration

1-OF-1 Illustration Technique

I’ve been asked a few times how I illustrate my customers cars… the illustration technique has been evolving.

Spoiler alert: It’s all done on the computer…

Firstly i start off with a great reference picture supplied by the customer.

Using this as reference I’ll then head over to Adobe Illustrator to start digitally drawing the car in vector. Yep it’s the hard way but vector illustrations allow you to enlarge the image as big as needed (even to billboard size) without loosing any resolution – plus you can zoom right in and add heaps of detail and that’s exactly what i’m after.

Yet, lately things have changed.

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Corporate Gift, FRF Couriers Truck illustration

Unique Corporate Gift

We’ve been in the same situation, what do you buy as a unique corporate gift ?

When a nice bottle of wine has been done to death, sometimes it’s when you think outside the box is when you create a great memorable gift.

And that’s exactly how 1-of-1 started.

Being designers, we created an illustration of a client’s car as a gift to say thank you – he was thrilled with his bespoke artwork and said “can you make some for my clients”.

Since then we’ve been illustrating unique corporate gifts for all kinds of customers from CEO’s personal sports cars, courier company trucks, through to car dealerships vehicles.

We make it easy.

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Competition Orange Mustang Illustration building dealership loyalty

Building Dealership loyalty with 1-of-1 Custom Illustrations

A point of difference, Dealership loyalty and referrals all in one.

In a world where customers expectations have never been higher and their ability to shop around is even easier, Dealerships need go to the next level to win their customers whilst building loyalty. Dealerships need to offer more, get personal, go the extra mile – and that’s what Sinclair Ford have done.

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Porsche 911 Sketch on a Skateboard Deck

Porsche 911 Sketch from Boardroom to Skateboard

Porsche 911 going from Sketch to Skateboard Deck

When I sketched this sweet Porsche 911T for a great guy in Western Australia, I was spitballing some ideas on getting the 1-of-1 sketch reproduced to T-Shirt.

I thought, hey, I’ve illustrated his car capturing all the little things that make his car ‘his’ (like the stickers in the windows) he’d probably think it would be nice to have it printed on a T-shirt or mug etc yet he had a better idea….

He wanted his custom illustration reproduced on to a Skate Board Deck as wall art, my reply “Hell yeah” what a great idea.

What’s cool about this idea is that the sketch style works well for this application. It suits a skateboard deck and would suit a man cave – or office.

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Illustrating Cars with the apple Pen

Normally we create our artworks in Vector, now we’re also illustrating with the Apple Pen.

With vector artworks we are able to use the artwork in many different sizes without loosing resolution – plus it allows us to create super high detail, however the Apple Pen has opened up new options and a more free illustration style. You see  if you want to create a more sketchy illustrated artwork, vector is not that great. Sure it can be done, but I personally find it very limiting.

After much research, I purchased the iPad Pro along with the Apple Pencil and suddenly the option to ‘sketch’ is so much easier.

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Klein Quantum Illustration

Klein Quantum Racing Bike Illustration

We don’t often illustrate bicycles.

Yet as we’re mad about all things with wheels, we jumped at the opportunity to illustrate a 1991 Klein Quantum.

Klein’s back in the day were one of the most desired bike brands in the road scene. They had the most stunning paint jobs ever applied to their Aluminium frames and they were the masters of Aluminium (well them and Cannondale)….. and then they were bought out by Trek (i believe?), and then carbon bikes were all the rage and then they slowly disappeared.

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1-of-1 Bespoke Automotive Art


A couple of weeks ago i went to the Sydney Machina Social Club’s car meet down at Clontarf Reserve. Inspired by what Sam and the team are doing and their efforts in helping to raise funds for 3 charities, I thought i’d dip into my own pocket and offer a a framed artwork for them to raffle off. So THIS SUNDAY i’ll be raffling off a framed artwork of the winners car or bike with all proceeds will go to support 3 charities (Men’s Shed, Beyond Blue and Cure Brain Cancer).

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