Who is 1of1


1-OF-1 Automotive Artworks was created by me Steve Schenko. I’m an Art Director from Sydney Australia and a car enthusiast.

After finally pulling the trigger and purchasing a 30year old Porsche 911, the iconic shape and lines lead to the inspiration of creating a minimalist artwork.

Little did I know, the first 1-of-1 was created – hung up on the wall next to my new toy.
Soon after, one of my favorite clients (who got me into the Porsche) was turning 50, so I created a print of his 911 GT3 and presented it to him – and he looooved it. – fantastic!.
That’s when the seeds 1-OF-1 was born.


The vision from there was simple, to create a high end bespoke design piece for like minded car enthusiasts who have an eye for design.

The bespoke nature of the prints however means each car or bike is drawn from scratch which is bloody consuming and there’s no short cuts. Each illustration has thousands of lines all created from scratch.

What’s nice is that i’m talking on a daily basis to like minded people, it’s kind of like heading to a Cars and Coffee meet every day. Plus the reaction to when they see their print is fantastic, often customers will send a photo of their print and car which is awesome.

It’s the simple things which give you the most enjoyment and this is why I love creating 1-off prints for like-minded people.

Signed by Shanks of 1-of-1




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